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Is polarised always better?

Summer is headed our way and the outdoor lifestyle is calling. Slip, slop and slap is the key message to protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. But when it comes to slapping on your sunglasses, is polarised a better option? To know which is the best option for you, you may need to know a bit more about how polarised lenses work.

What do OUR polarised lenses offer?

  • Better glare reduction

  • Less eye strain

  • 100% UVA and UVA protection

How is a polarised lens made?

Polarised lenses have a special filter positioned in the middle of the lens material.

How do polarised lenses work?

When light bounces off a surface (water, road, snow etc) it becomes polarised. The filter that is imbedded in the sunglasses blocks out this polarised light. This means that less glare gets the lens and there you have reduced glare.

Who NEEDS polarised lenses?

  1. People who suffer from significant glare issues

  2. People frequently near the water, snow

  3. People doing long distance driving

Where do polarised lenses not work so well?

  • Pilots - Pilots need to be able to see the reflection of light off other aircraft and as such, cannot wear polarised lenses as they block those reflections of light.

  • People interacting with certain electronic devices - While most electronic displays are improving, some will still not work great with polarised lenses. This includes some car speedometers, digital watches and smart devices.

Can I get my prescription in polarised lenses?

For the vast majority of prescriptions, a polarised option will be available. We also have access to the prescription programs run by Maui Jim, Zeal and Smith Optics which all offer a prescription product which has the look and feel of their off the shelf non-prescription sunglasses, including fashionable mirror treatments.

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