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Children's Vision

What problems do children face with their eyesight?

Many children can have undiagnosed vision issues simply because they think that their version of vision is what everyone sees. Some warning signs to look out for include:

  • Holding a book too close

  • Loosing place while reading or using a finger to follow the words

  • Squinting or turning head to see better

  • Frequent eye rubbing

  • Closing one eye to read

  • Avoidance of near activities e.g. homework, reading

  • Headaches and sore eyes

  • Underachievement (or decreased achievement) in school work

But my child doesn't know letters, how can they have an eye test?

At Eyecare Plus Karalee, our optometrists have many eye testing options available to them and will cater to the level of your child. We can use pictures as well as tests that require no input from you child at all. 

Our optometrists will aim to make your child feel comfortable, happy to have their eyes checked.

What age should children have an eye test?

Children can have their eyes tested at any age. If there is any problems being noticed, the child should have an eye test as soon as the problems present. If no problems, then every child should have an eye test prior to starting school and every 2 years afterwards.

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