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Glasses for kids

Our piece of mind protection for kids glasses

At Eyecare Plus Karalee, we know that kids can be rough on glasses. That's why we have additional warranties (beyond the standard manufacturing fault warranties) to give you some piece of mind.

  1. 12 month accidental damage replacement - If your child damages their glasses in the first 12 months, we will do a once off replacement - FOR FREE!

  2. 50% off lost replacement - If you child losses their glasses in the first 12 months, we will replace them for 50% off their full price.

  3. Some kids ranges even have 2 year accidental damage warranty on the frame - Pick from a Nike, Hello Kitty or Lacoste kids frame and enjoy 2 years worry free. (excludes lens replacement)

kids glasses ipswich
choosing glasses for kids
We will make choosing glasses fun, so that your child will actually want to wear their new glasses!
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