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What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition where the optic nerve is progressively damaged. This results in vision loss, which can be significant if left untreated.

Who is at risk?

The main risk factors for glaucoma are:

  • Age - people over 50 have an increased risk

  • Family history

  • Diabetes

  • High prescription for glasses

  • Use of steroid medication

What we do to detect glaucoma

At Eyecare Plus Karalee, our optometrists are trained to detect glaucoma early and we have the technology to back us up.

Screening for glaucoma is done at every comprehensive eye test and consists of evaluation of the risk factors, eye pressure measurement and optic nerve assessment, including retinal photography

High risk patients are then recommended to undergo peripheral vision testing and also OCT imaging to confirm the diagnosis. 

Regular eye tests play a valuable role is Glaucoma detection and early treatment.

more Resources

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