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Bejewel your face with the latest Coco Song release

Here at Eyecare Plus Karalee, we are long time lovers of Coco Song glasses and we are excited to share with you the latest release which is now available in store. Coco Song eyewear are easily the most beautiful frames in the world.

The newest models to our range are shown below:

Each frame will usually come in at least 3 colour combinations, so we can match your personality easily.

The most beautiful frames in the world come from a fusion of refined Italian design and oriental culture. Each piece is truly a work of art starting with a layer of real silk, overlaid by real feathers and dried flowers and accented by genuine semi-precious stones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli. Each piece is handmade and takes over 40 days to be constructed by a specialist designer.

The collection always features bright pops of colour and each new model brings a new meaning through the symbols in the metalwork.

Each piece is strictly limited edition.

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