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Jono Hennessy - Eyewear Artisans since 1925

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Exceptional design, filled with emotions, passion and a fashionable touch

The Jono Hennessy brand has taken craftmanship, exceptional detail and personalised design to a new level. With carefully selected materials, Jono is one of the last designers to traditionally draw and share his frames with his hands instead of using computers and modern technology. Jono's vision and inspiration is to constantly produce top quality and fashionable frames, year after year, and to consider the joy of "quality, comfort and fit".


Jono Hennessy started with inspiration for the 90's pop art and the joy of acetate and its extraordinary colours. Today's inspiration and design is based on the emotions and colours given by the diverse beauty of Australia's nature, social factors and architecture. Jono's designs continue to constantly surprise the fashion industry by always doing the opposite to what people expect.

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