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Extended Focus Lenses: your new best friend.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Have you ever been sitting at the computer, squinting and thinking to yourself “this just isn’t as clear as it used to be”? You might reach for your reading glasses, only to discover that you need to sit too close to the screen for everything to be clear for you. Perhaps you are using your everyday multifocal or bifocal glasses, having to tilt your head back all the time, leading to a bucket load of tension headaches.

Thankfully you are not alone and there is a simple solution to these problems - an extended focus lens!

To cover the very basics, extended focus lenses work by providing your full reading prescription at the bottom of the lens (where your eyes naturally gaze to read say a book or your tablet) and shifting effortlessly to a more “arm’s length/computer screen” kind of distance through the top. If you have heard of “progressive” or “multifocal” lenses before, you can consider these their baby sibling lens.

At Eyecare Plus Karalee, we know that no two computer set-ups are the same, so now the modern extended focus lenses that we use can come in a range of designs that allow you to see as close as 30cm, up to as far away as 4m. This makes them perfect in the office, at home, in the classroom – they will have you covered in so many situations!

We love to recommend them because there are so many choices, we can really customise your vision to suit your lifestyle, whether you are long or short sighted! They will fit into a huge range of frames and can even be turned into sunglasses, tint dark outside for you or have a blue light filter applied.

Our own team have used these lenses before and are always impressed at how natural and comfortable the vision feels and how handy it is to be able to put glasses on and leave them on at work all day. You will certainly find you lose track of them less if you’re able to wear them more.

Are you sitting there now thinking “wow guys, this sounds perfect! How do I get my hands on a set of my own?” So glad you asked, you just need to book an appointment for an eye test and let us take care of the rest for you! Click HERE to book online, call us or come in store to chat to one of our super friendly team to get the process started – your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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